Jungle Gym Rock Module (complete with timber cut to size)


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NB. This is an add-on module which has to be combined with one of the climbing units.

Jungle Gym Rock Module

Dimensions: 0.5m (L) x 0.3m (W) x 1.25/1.45m (H) 
– Rock Module kit (complete with instructions, fixings and accessories) 
– All timber cut to size and flat packed 

The Rock Module comes as standard on some Jungle Gym towers, but can also be added to the following towers 
– Jungle Barn 
– Jungle Mansion 
– Jungle Barrack 
– Jungle Villa 
– Jungle Lodge 
– Jungle Cabin 
– Jungle Cottage 
– Jungle Hut 
– Jungle Club 
– Jungle Castle 
– Jungle Tower 

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