Q3 Climbing Frame

Q3 Climbing Frame


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Certified mall playground equipment with all fun play elements. Ideal for hotels, nurseries, sport clubs and other community areas assembled of robust materials and the best wood.

Unique features• Entrance by 2 bevelled Rock Walls and a Climbing Net 
• Wooden roof
Climbing frame features• Hy-Slide Polyethylene Green / Stainless Steel Slide • Climbing Rocks x 20 • Climbing Net • Tympanum x 2 • Platform Clamping Plate • Triangular Roof Mesh x 2 • Roof Triangles 90 x 3 • Roof Construction Brackets x 4 • Outer Brackets x 8 • Net Brackets x 12 • Solid Floor Brackets x 4 • Solid Floor Brackets Slide x 2 • Slide Brackets x 2 • Slide Anchor Piles x 2
Safety features• Large Metallic Handgrips x 6 • Small Metallic Handgrips x 2 • Bolt Protection Caps
Assembly features• Timber Pack Cut To Size • Manuals 1-4 • 3D Leveller • Hardware • Building Tools • Product Identification
Dimensions6,5 x 3,1 x 4 m
Play deck height1,5 m
Playground Area10 x 6,1 m
Slide3 m
Maximum number of users6

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